Eng 10 Novel Essay

I’ve chosen to do the equivalent of a book report on The Shining by Steven King. I’ve done most of the work, it just needs a little extra padding and piecing together. The document called “Outline” is the assignment prior to this, which contains the bulk of what the essay needs. The only real thing I need you to add is one more piece of evidence from text and an explanation of which on paragraphs 2 and 3. Anything else required (a conclusion paragraph which is basically just “summarize it” and some other things (basic stuff; MLA formatting, adding a title, stuff listed in the assignment called “First Draft.”)

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3 pages would probably cover all of it, I don’t actually expect it taking 3 WHOLE pages. just estimation though.

yes, I know, my price is low, but so is the work you have to do. it’s all in all really just copy-pasting, formatting, and adding abt 2 paragraphs worth of content. I think it sounds fair.