Emerging technologies

Write about solar work  and power generation for household purpose  Use The link below and do write in own words 

An APA/MLA/Chicago reference for the article – basically, let your professor and your classmates know

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how to find it if we want to read it. 

2. A brief summary of the main points that the author made in the article. 

3. An analysis of the article. Some points to address: 1) Did the author have a clear purpose for the article? 

What makes you believe so? 2) Was this purpose accomplished? How? 3) Did the author present the 

information in a way that readers would find appealing? In what way? 4) Is the world a better place for 

this article being written? How? 5) How does this article relate to the real world, either business-wise, or 

personally. If it doesn’t, state why.