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For this first graded reflection essay you will reflect on your experiences in and out of school. First consider the context of your school. What kind of community was it situated in (i.e. urban, suburban, rural). What were the demographics of your school community? Did this reflect your neighborhood demographics? Next, distinguish in what ways you experienced “education” and “schooling?” What forms of knowledge production did you learn? (i.e. refer to the McLaren and Sensoy & DiAngelo pieces with at least 3-citations). How do your formative experiences and your current way of being a learner shape how you are today as a student? Cite specific subjects and topics you remember learning? Was there anything missing? For those who will be teachers, how does this shape your intention to teach? For those who aren’t EDT majors, how does this shape your views of education as an outsider? You should write a 3-page, double-spaces, APA reflection paper

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1key information: my education back group. i come from china shang hai, and had high school experience at Portland academy , college at Miami University in Oxford, and you can do so research compare the educations from this places.

2. (i.e. refer to the McLaren and Sensoy & DiAngelo pieces with at least 3-citations)