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  1. Given what you have learned from TPR handout and PPT, create a mini-lesson plan using TPR. Make sure you include objectives, target students, content areas (geography, math, physical exercise, literal arts, social studies, etc.), steps of implementing TPR and assessment. The lesson plan itself should be no less than two pages. You may also cover TPR direction handouts for your imaginative students at the end of the file.
  2. You will be expected to reflect and comment on another classmate’s mini-lesson plan deeply and with considerable thought by texts. These exchanges are perhaps the most important of the course in that these are the moments where you offer comparisons and contrasts of the most critical nature. These are the moments where you will offer connections between your thoughts and those of your peers.

Format When Replying to All Posts

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Appreciate: Share what you like, appreciate or value in the post you’ve read. Be specific

Probe: Probe for more details. Ask questions that will help give you a better sense of another person’s perspective.

Snip: Cut and paste a phrase or sentence from the original post into your comment. Ask a question about it or say what you find interesting or important about what is being said.

Reflect Back: Say what you think you are hearing. “What I hear you saying is… Is that what you are trying to say? The goal here is to confirm your understanding of what is being communicated or to “get on the same page.”

Connect: Make a connection between something is in the post and your own experience, feelings, or interests.

Extend: Describe how the post extended your thoughts in new directions or gave you a new perspective.I