EDU671 W3 Fundamentals of Educational Research (Assignment), writing homework help

Draft Action Research Plan

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Instructions: You will construct the draft of your
action research plan using the headings provided in the Content section
below. Remember to write clearly and succinctly using active and not
passive language and to write in a professional tone.

The assignment needs to include the following areas of content.

  • Area of Focus Statement (0.5 point): In two to
    three sentences, describe the purpose of your study. Begin by writing a
    statement that starts with, “The purpose of this study is to…”
  • Problem – Interest (.5 point): In half of a
    page, describe the observations that led to your interest in this action
    research project (e.g. student interactions, review of data, etc.).
  • Problem – Background (0.5 point): In one page, explain the background or history of the situation in your classroom/school context or work place.
  • Problem – Prior Interventions (0.5 point): In
    half of a page, explain what you have tried or what others have tried in
    relation to the problem and what has worked or not worked.
  • Participant Description (0.5 point): In no more than one page, describe each participant selected for this study.
  • Participant Justification (0.5 point): In no more than one page, justify why you are working with these participants in this study.
  • Research Questions (1.5 points): List two to
    three research questions that are answerable and, if applicable, include
    a definition following the list for any technical terminology used in
    the questions from Week One Discussion and Assignment.
  • Idea – Teaching and Learning (.5 point): In at
    least one paragraph, evaluate whether your idea is an issue that
    involves teaching and learning. Use relevant literature to support the
  • Idea – Locus of Control (.5 point): In at least one paragraph, evaluate whether your idea is within your locus of control.
  • Idea – Passion (.5 point): In at least one
    paragraph, describe whether your idea is something you feel passionate
    about and where this passion originates from for you (e.g., life
    experiences or professional practice). 
  • Idea – Inspiration (.5 point): In at least one paragraph, describe how your idea inspires you to implement change or improvement.

Written Communication
The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication.

  • Page Requirement (.5 point): The assignment must be four to five pages, not including title and references pages.
  • APA Formatting (.5 point): Use APA formatting consistently throughout.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.5 point): Display
    meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such
    as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and
    be very easy to understand.

Review and Submit the Assignment
Review your assignment with the Grading Rubric to be
sure you have achieved the distinguished levels of performance for each
criterion. Next, submit the assignment to the course room for evaluation
no later than day 7 of the week.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.