due friday understand food labels

Complete your Understanding Food Labels assignment by providing a 350- to 700-word response in APA format to the Assignments tab. Include the following:


·       Discuss and define what the 5/20 rule is according to the “Food Label and You” video and include an example from your own pantry. 

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·       Discuss the six key food label facts presented in the “How to Understand Nutritional Food Label” article that can help consumers understand food labels more effectively. 

·       Examine the food labels for three items or nutrients you find in your own pantry or refrigerator. Name the product and build a list or a chart for the following components for each item: 

o   Total calories per serving

o   Percentage of calories from fat

o   Total amount of carbohydrates (in grams)

o   Total amount of protein (in grams)

o   Total amount of fiber (in grams)

WEB LINK: The Food Label and You -Video

WEB LINK: How to Understand and Use Nutrition Food Label

WEB LINK: Eating Healthier and Feeling Better Using the Nutrition Facts Label