Dubai role in making a good reputation of Islam and Middle East

The writing is all about Dubai City:

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Outline :

A- The story of Dubai city ( Who created Dubai ? Why it’s been created ? How Dubai was just desert and became modern city ?)

B- How Dubai is run Economically and Religiously ?

C- (Talk about personal experience about visiting Dubai and seeing how modern city look like )

D- (talk about your opinion from the personal experience when visited Dubai) Is having Mosques, Nightclubs and Prostitutes in the same city is good for islamic city ?


1- Write in Times New roman 12 pt double space

2- Write 8 full pages

3- I visited Dubai in 2013 , I had wrong idea about dubai. I thought it’s a bad city for Islam because they have nightclubs. When I visited Dubai I was amazed how modern this city was. I also think Dubai is good for Islam and Middle East because they run the city under Islamic rules and in the same time they open the city for other religions and visitors.

4- Be clear and simple and include at least 4 or 5 sources ( Academic papers, Documentaries , Online Articles ) For example : 2 articles , 1 documentary , 2 Academic Papers