Drugs and Alcohol

1. What are the real issues with using or abusing steroids? Each person do research and give a prominent athlete who abused or misused steroids. Give known facts about this athlete and their performance before and after. What did it do to their career?

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2. Should we have drug tests as employees? employers? Find a research article and summarize it that impacts your answer.

3. What are common “date rape” drugs? If found using them, how should the courts treat or sentence the person?

4. What is the impact of chronic alcohol abuse? Treatment? Give source of information and a paragraph summary.

5. What are the consequences of smoking tobacco? Should tobacco products be outlawed? Give source and a paragraph summary.

6. In your state, does the Department of Corrections allow tobacco or is tobacco banned? Are programs available for those who have smoked but are now not allowed tobacco? Summarize and give source

Choose 4 of the six questions and answer these 4 questions. No words limit.