DQ1 response to Shonna Andrews

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When a disaster occurs, emotions and spiritual needs run high. As a resident of Houston, Texas, I was involved in Hurricane Harvey last year. I can remember it vividly. Even though my home did not flood, everywhere around me did. Many of my best friend’s homes flooded and they were questioning where God was? Why would God do this to them? There were so many people angry with God, but then came to realize that this was not from God. This was a broken world. The community came together and helped each other. There was no segregation; there was no racism, everyone helping everyone. My family volunteered at a local church where we were dispatching boats from volunteers that showed up from all states just to help get people out of their homes to safety. Healthcare providers were pulling week-long shifts at the hospital caring for the patients and families. When a disaster occurs, there are no denominations when providing spiritual care (Red Cross, 2019). You provide the love and guidance that the person needs, but you don’t need to preach to them. You assure them of their own spiritual knowledge at this time. This is the same for a community health nurse, a floor nurse, a red cross representative, or a provider- whether with a patient, a friend, a colleague, or a loved one. The spiritual care job of the healthcare provider during a disaster is to simply supply the spiritual care that will support them in their vulnerability. This may be by listening to them, talking to them, reassuring them, feeding them, keeping them safe, connecting them with friends and family, helping them to remain positive, and praying for them and with them (Red Cross, 2019).


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