Do our representatives have too many constituents, History Assignment Homework Help

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Do our representatives have too many constituents to manage in our modern nation? 

A key point that stands out from the article below: “But population growth has cut the ties between representatives and those they represent. A seat in the House of Representatives has gone from representing 33,000 people to more than 700,000 today.”

“Congress no longer represents the will of the people, and it hasn’t for a very long time. The House of Representatives has become another U.S. Senate where a rarefied few supposedly represent the needs of the many. And that’s the main reason that hyper-partisanship and special interests seem to control the legislative agenda. We have all been disenfranchised.

A trip back to fifth grade history class reminds us that the House of Representatives was established as the lower house, intended to be “of the people,” according to James Madison. It was to ensure that individual citizens had a voice in federal legislation while the Senate was meant to be more deliberative and represent the interest of the states.”

What do you think?