disease management

Disease Management (DM)

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Recent years have seen an increase in the use of information technology to make disease management programs more successful. These methods include:

  • Artificial intelligence programs to predict high-cost patients

Choose one (above) use of information technology that you think will have a significant impact on disease management. Create a presentation for the healthcare administration explaining why purchasing this information technology product would be a worthwhile investment.

Your presentation should include:

  • A discussion of what makes disease management unique
  • A description of the population the product would impact
  • Which component(s) of disease management would be significantly impacted:
    • Recruitment
    • Engagement
    • Interaction
    • Documentation
    • Or another important component of DM

Your presentation should comprise 5 to 7 slides (not including the title or reference slides), and should adhere to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. A minimum of three sources should be cited and referenced. Your slideshow presentation should also be accompanied by an audio track. Images used should include the source information in parenthesis below the image. (Example – Source: http ://www.website.com)