discussion week 7 post 2

We learned about the Davis-Moore Thesis in this lesson, which promotes the idea that With this idea, some jobs are just more important than others and are rewarded accordingly. Take a look at the list of occupations by prestige from this weeks lesson to get an idea of how we think of jobs.

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Think to yourself about the jobs that you believe are the most prestigious and important. List at least 3 here. Now think about the least prestigious jobs. List at least three of the least prestigious jobs here also.

What makes one job more prestigious than another?

Think about the jobs that you have chosen. What types of people work in these jobs (sex, race, social status, income…). Do you think gender and/or race plays into the prestige of a position as well?

What do you think about your observations? How do our jobs have an effect on our class status? How does our class status have an effect on our job choice?