Discussion Question: Third Party Candidates

Please read and follow all instructions for this discussion question. Discussion question answers must be in your own words so therefore no references are needed, and PLEASE…NO PLAGIARISM!

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Third Party Candidates – Please respond to the following Main Discussion Question

  • Discuss one effect that the two-party system of the United States has on the political interests of American citizens. Suggest one reason or strategy used by the two-party system to keep third party candidates from successfully running for president.

STUDENT HINT: To clarify the main question above:
The two-party system has a controlling, and integrated net overlaying the U.S. political system. We learned that this net is supported by the various interest groups which, for the most part, are either aligned to Republicans and or Democrats and who donate their money to either of the 2 parties to shape which legislation gets passed, modified, or removed.

This week you are being asked above why these two main parties do not want any additional candidates to run against them for President from third parties like the Green party, the Reform party, the Progressive Alliance party, the Socialist party, or the Libertarian party etc?
Look to see how do the 2 main parties eliminate them from the campaigns and ballots etc?