Discussion question 1 & 2

Discussion question 1

I need 3 summaries of 100-150 word each

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Our assigned reading this week provides us with a basic understanding of reactive leadership. The text expands on this concept as it explains how we can recognize this within ourselves and use this knowledge to become better, more successful leaders.

Explain the concept of a safe path to greatness, and how you can use this understanding to become a better leader. Describe a tough decision, according to the text, that leaders must make if they want to move away from being a reactive leader.

What are the movements described in the text that one must make to move from reactive to creative leaders.

Cite your references.

Discussion question 2

I need 3 summaries of 100-150 word each

What is the journey described in Chapter 9 that leaders, particularly executive level, often have to make to become truly successful? Why does this occur?

According to our text, controlling types tend to move up in the organization. Explain why this is, and how leaders can become better leaders with this knowledge.

Cite your sources.