Discussion Posts General Instructions

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Discussion Board: There are six discussions during this class.  Each discussion is in two parts.

You are required to submit an original post for part one, and then two responses to what other students posted for part two.  Using the worksheets, How to Analyze (found under the How to Analyze tab for each section), you are to prepare a minimum of 300-310 (maximum) word post on one of the documents found under the documents for discussion tab for each course section. The worksheets should form the basis of your post, do not turn in your worksheet.  By the end of the term, you will have completed three posts based on a written primary source and three on an illustration (cartoon, illustration, painting, photograph).  This first post must be posted before you see the discussion stream and the following week you are responsible for responding to two other students posts on two different documents that you did not use for your original post.  Response posts should be 8-10 sentences. 

 Step 1:  Select the document you want to write about from the tab, Documents for Discussion.  Read the document.

 Step 2:  Find the appropriate How to Analyze worksheet.  Use that worksheet data as the basis for your discussion post.

 Step 3:  Write your discussion post in paragraph form, making sure that you address the requirement elements from the How to Analyze worksheet. I suggest you write your discussion text in your word processor, and then cut and paste into the discussion board. 

 Step 4:  Check your word count, make sure that your post is between 300-310 words. Make sure that you have followed all instructions regarding quotation and citation.  Also check your grammar and word usage.  Edit accordingly.

Step 5:  Upload your discussion to the discussion board, make sure that you include the salutation. 

Step 6:  Read and respond to two students who have written on two different documents and not what you wrote about in your original post.  Count your sentences and make sure that your responses are 8-10 sentences (not lines), and follow the formatting instructions, and have a salutation.

This is the my classmate’s work that he submitted I need to response to this also 300-310words:

Dear Dr. Beachley

This document written in 1881 is an excerpt from “History of Women Suffrage”, written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda J. Gage documents an important moment during one of the conventions. It shows just how important one person’s voice can be. The audience is anyone who wants to know how women off all color played a role in women’s rights. The writer mentioned some important details that makes the story so amazing. She mentions how no one wanted this almost “amazon” (par. 8) women to speak because they did not want people to think they were fighting for the abolition of slaves, comments were even made towards Ms. Truth while walking in that made it clear she was not very welcomed. It was also mentioned how different figures in different churches spoke on how man is the superior being and their reasoning behind such comments and lastly how even though she could not read or write she had a natural intelligence to her. I feel like this document was written to show that people from all walks of life can have a significant impact on issues and to make sure that all people are able to voice their opinions, this comes from the fact that many were scared to have her speak but at the end were amazed at how she shut down comments said by the ministers. Reading this document I can see that life was still very hard for people of color and many people just like today still try to use the bible as actual proof for certain behaviors that they may condone. A question that still remains is what happened to Sojourner Truth, did she get asked to speak again since her words said the things that many of the other people could not phatom saying?