Discussion Post: Development and Expansion, history homework help


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I need help creating the following for a discussion post:

A major recurring theme in our course is the role of government. In this
module we also explore the concept of expansion and American

After the Civil War, the federal government
actively promoted American industry and enacted policies that fostered
expansion of the American West. The opportunity and prosperity enjoyed
by some Americans as a result of these federal actions came at the
expense of others. Native Americans found their homelands and their way
of life under siege, and some immigrants encountered strong prejudice in
their quest for the American dream. Within a few decades the federal
government moved to reign in some of the excesses that its policies had

For your initial post, identify and objectively
describe one of the policies meant to promote American industry or
foster expansion of the American West. For example, you might discuss a
law or policy designed to encourage railroad development or to stimulate
industrial development or Western expansion.

Thank you!