Discussion a description of a nongovernmental organization

POST on the Discussion a description of a nongovernmental organization per the
instructions below (POSTING = at least 350 words)

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Both governmental and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) focus on health-related
policy making, coordination, financing, research, and direct health care services throughout
the globe. The total number of NGOs worldwide has been estimated at 1,500. Several
hundred U.S. based NGOs engage in international health work. Other developed countries
have their own independent NGOs. There are many excellent, somewhat smaller NGOs,
with long records of valuable contributions to health care in developing countries. Thus, it
is not unusual to find 200 or more international health agencies operating in the world’s
poorest countries. Unfortunately, each NGO tends to have its own priorities, which often
reduces the cooperation among these organizations.

a) CHOOSE one (1) of the NGOs from the list above -> NGO: Action Against Hunger . Using your internet browser, go to
the NGO’s official website. NOTE: If you prefer, you can choose an NGO not on the list;
however, as part of its mission, your selected NGO must provide direct health care
services for a targeted population (some NGOs focus mainly on policy making,
coordination, financing & grants, research, etc.). NGO: Action Against Hunger

c) Describe your chosen NGO in 3-4 paragraphs, summarizing the following information for
your classmates:

1. Briefly discuss the mission or major purpose of the NGO; Year the NGO
established; Person[s] or organization[s] who initially established the NGO.

2. Provide some recent overall statistics, if available: Number of countries in which the
NGO is active; Major diseases and/or conditions currently targeted by the NGO;
Number of personnel involved with NGO; Number of people helped.
3. Select one (1) country in which the NGO is active:
i. Briefly describe a current health-related condition, disease, and/or crisis that is
reported on the NGO website for that country. Use statistics if available.
ii. Describe the direct health care service(s) that NGO personnel are providing for
the condition, disease, and/or crisis. Use statistics if available.

4. Does the NGO website report that nurses provided direct services in the response?
If not, briefly discuss how registered nurses and/or nurse practitioners could
participate in the response. NOTE: Registered nurses have authority to make
decisions regarding nursing diagnoses, interventions, education, and referrals.
Nurse practitioners have additional authority related to medical diagnoses and
interventions (prescriptions).