discuss the importance of cultural sensitivity in public relation in Saudi Arabia

Format of how the paper should be written.

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Please refer to APA ways of citing your sources and references page


Important Dates

Dates of required meeting for this class are January 26th, 2017 introduction of course March 9th, 2017 to check where you are, till when the proposal is due May 11th ,2017 by 5:00pm for graduating students and non-graduating students Please keep in mind that I am available at all times to assist you in completing your research proposal. So use that advantage early and we can work through this together. Papers are due on May 11th ,2017 by 5: p.m., You should email to the course shell created in blackboard. Papers received after 5.00 p.m will result in a failing grade. The paper will be submitted via blackboard under your course shell. Please check, proofread and cite properly according to APA style 6th edition.

  1. Participation (100 points)

Students are expected to attend every session of the course as listed in the schedule of classes. Please show up on these two assigned days as indicated above. Excessive absences and the lack of participation in class discussions will affect the successful completion of the course.

Course Evaluations

For the successful completion of this course, students must satisfactorily meet the above requirements, demonstrate excellence in graduate level exposition, and familiarity with the APA style in preparing research articles. Students who do not participate in the seminars or turn in progress reports will lose points. Students are reminded to inform the instructor immediately when problems (sickness, accidents, etc) arise. All assigned readings, papers, and presentations must be completed on time to avoid losing points.

Please do 20 pages .