Discuss the functions of the nutrient classes, Week 2 Individual Project 1 help

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Week 2 Individual Project 1

Deliverable length: 200 – 250 words

Course Objective(s):

  • Discuss the functions of the nutrient classes
  • Describe the effects of diet and exercise on wellness and disease


The development of healthy eating habits in a child can often be challenging. To provide all the needed nutrients, a child’s meals and snacks should include a variety of foods from each food group—in amounts suited to the child’s appetite and needs. Children (K – 8) can’t always be trusted to choose nutritious foods on the basis of taste alone. Since the preference for sweets is innate, children naturally gravitate towards candy, cola, and other concentrated sweets. Therefore it brings a challenge to deliver nutrients in the form of meals and snacks that are both nutritious and appealing so that children will learn to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods.

For this assignment: Write a report explaining the possible consequences from consuming inadequate amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and fats in a child’s diet. Also include an explanation of how these health-related issues can be partially prevented through your newly implemented menu.

  • Research at least 3 specific vitamins and at least 3 specific minerals. Report on the health issues that are correlated with inadequate amounts of each in a child’s diet.
    • Discuss specific ways to prevent these health issues through diet and exercise.
  • Discuss 3 luncheon items (no beverage) that you would include on a child’s cafeteria luncheon menu.
  • Explain the benefits of the selected choices.
  • Include research to support your decision.

Use academic and professional sources to support your response. All references should be documented in APA format.

Please submit your assignment.

You will be graded on the following:

Individual Project Grading Rubric

Format: Adherence to deliverable length, proper grammar, and APA format.


Content: Content meets requirements and is an obvious response to the assignment details.


Support: Ideas are supported with examples and evidence.


Knowledge: A clear understanding of course material isdemonstrated.


Accuracy: Information is accurate with no factual errors.