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**Please read the guidelines carefully!

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**For each of the following two questions, write 200-250 words response. Be sure to include textual evidence from reading. Be thorough and organized in your answer. Do not simply talk about the question—but make sure that you provide a clear answer with plenty of support from the readings.

***Use the word document (which I wrote) to answer question 1

***Take the main points from the three articles and use it to answer question 2

The questions:

1. We have discussed discourse communities (specifically we discussed the college and workplace) and how to gain access into these communities. Think about these discourse communities and explain the process by which someone becomes an “insider.” Also, discuss who the “gatekeepers” might be within the college community and what this class has taught you about getting through those “gates.”

2. What impact has this class had on you as a writer? Choose three different readings/concepts discussed in class that have made you think differently about writing persuasively. Moving forward, what is the biggest lesson you will take with you concerning the social nature of language and argumentation as you move beyond the college?