Digital Nursing Portfolio

Due: 2 Days

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Assignment: Digital Nursing Portfolio

  • A professional cover page for your portfolio and cover letter
    • You can start off the portfolio with a professional title/cover page of your choice. Be professional about this format, as it may be what you submit to a future employer. Simplicity is best. For example:

Professional Digital Nursing Portfolio
Jane Doe

  1. A professional nursing resume
    1. Graduate practical nursing LPN (College School of Nursing)
    2. CNA 28 yrs experience (Schwettman Community College, 1989)
    3. LMT 20 yrs experience (Core Institute for Massage Therapy, 1998)
  • Complementary portfolio items: practical nursing organization membership, community service information (I live in the USA; add anything, this is just an assignment)
  • A professional thank you letter after the interview, as submitted in module 9 discussion.
  • A professional resignation letter

Make it as nice and professional as possible. One I can make changes or add to if necessary. You can make anything up since this is just an assignment just as long as it is nursing related.