Differentiate the key assessment metrics in achieving an operational project plan.

Presently, your multinational organization uses steel at locations
across the U.S. and globally with operations in Mexico, Russia, India,
and China. Your boss is tasked with developing a global Request for
Proposal (RFP) for gathering and comparing steel suppliers. In
preparation for his RFP, he has tasked you with building an internal
data collection tool to identify key questions to include within the
RFP. The purpose of your survey is to identify all key information that
is needed for the RFP, and the data collection tool will be sent to
managers across the U.S. and globe. The data collection tool is a
survey administered through email. Furthermore, the tool must contain a
maximum of 10 questions and include the following:

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Your job is to develop the project plan for the execution of the
data collection tool. The project plan needs to include milestones, key
events associated with creating an RFP, and corresponding dates. The
time allotment from start to finish for this project by your boss is
three months. Additionally, standard templates need to be built that
support the project plan, including an action list, meeting minutes, and
a risk management tool.