“Did I make all this?” –God, writing assignment helping

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For this assignment you are going to listen to Dr. Deb Shepherd, a professional international astronomer.  After you’ve finished you’ll answer some questions and then do another journal response from God.

Here’s the video:

http://recordings.blindsidenetworks.com/oak/2b8f2b0c2e59855ce23a3784ce3de5286e947382-1418078967206/capture/ (Links to an external site.)

Here are the questions:

  1. Did you watch this video in its entirety?
  2. How does Dr. Shepherd make sense of her deep faith in Christ and her honest pursuit of science?
  3. What do you think it means to do science from a Christian perspective?

4. Search online for a video called “Job Chapters 38-41 Selected Audio Reading”. Watch this video in its entirety and then respond to this:

Here is the journal from God:

There are a lot of reasons to trust science.  In fact, most of what you’re learning here at Oaks is based on the belief that science works, that the scientific method is a great way for discovering real things in the universe.  I have to ask though, do you believe that it’smy universe?  Do you really believe that I made it and keep it going?  Do you think I have a purpose for the universe?  What do you think it is?  Let me know. –God