Diagnosing and Managing Asthma discussion

Jane, a 66-year-old Caucasian, is 5-years postmenopausal. She smokes 30 packs of cigarettes per year, has COPD, asthma, and a history of frequent oral steroid tapers. Jane is unable to walk very often due to dyspnea. Because she is lactose intolerant, she takes calcium 600 mg daily with vitamin D. She had her first DEXA scan and her T score at her spine was -2.4 SD and the T score at her left hip was -3.0 SD.

Read “Asthma Care Quick Reference: Diagnosing and Managing Asthma”.

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Create an illustration, diagram, infographic, or any visual to educate Jane using terms she would comprehend that includes the following:

  • Explains her T scores.
  • Identifies what diagnoses she has?
  • Identifies what risk factors she has? (Make sure to consider her asthma risk factor)
  • What treatment do you propose for her?
  • What is the rationale for treating patients to avoid negative sequelae?

Submit your illustration.