Developing Social Media Policies

2,000 words

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Key Assignment

Based on the PowerPoint project from Week 4, write a social media
policy manual that defines the creation, scope, and purpose of a social
media presence for a small- to mid-size company. The manual will cover
reasoning for presence, platforms or outlets selected, types of
messaging and content to be distributed, and intended results for the
social media campaign.

The content is to be developed and cover the development and
maintenance of a social media presence and content. Items to be
addressed include the following:

  • Definition of which platform or platforms are to be used
  • The types of content to be used on each
  • Who is responsible for the content and time frames for updates
  • Other important aspects to creating a social media presence

Note: The manual should be professionally formatted
and contain a cover and reference page of text
containing details. The cover and reference pages do not count toward the word count. A minimum of 5 professional or academic references
are required to support your paper and to provide additional discussion