Developing cross-cultural effectiveness

1- The project does not exceed 10 pages

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2 – You should write one or two pages about culture and cultural differences

3- The literature review is three pages, looking for 10 scientific sources from the magazine, for example, talking about cultural differences and clarifying the opinion of the writer, then writing your opinion on the subject, do not read the sources completely, just read the summary and summary.

4- Methodology: This is the exact method that I did in the questionnaire

5- Analysis and interpretation is to analyze the questionnaire and make a graph with a superiority of nearly three pages

6- Conclusion: one or two pages

7- Recommendations: one page

8- This link contains an explanation of how to analyze the questionnaire in Excel:…

9- The attached questionnaire is the Word file format and the last image file format. For all nationalities, including Omanis. The number of respondents in the questionnaire should be only 10 people.

10- From the attached file with an example name (explaining how the analysis will be done in the project)

11- Project instructions attached to the image file format