Develop keyword strategies and then build keywords lists for

Doing the follow Steps to finish the assignment ( have to write all the steps down)

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  • Brainstorm a set of key words that you think people might type into Google for this search. Consider other things people might type into Google that might bring up a search for this category such as genres, entertainment, travel.
  • Begin typing these words into the search engine and identify 3 long-tail key words using the Google search box. The options will appear as you search.
  • Use 1 of the following: Spyfu, SEM Rush, Google Keyword Planner,, Wordstream
  • Type the keywords into the search bar to generate data for the words.
  • Consider the cost, the search volume, the keyword difficulty and the logic of the word/phrase itself.
  • Determine the best key words to emphasize given that the brand wants to maximize reach at the lowest possible cost. Explain your result.
  • What is Audible’s current keyword strategy?Look at the tools to determine what words they buy, what ads they run and the competition on those words.