Develop an advanced knowledge and understanding of educational policy as a complex, contested…


Title:AT2: Analysis of an Educational Policy

( two assignments on same subject has to be made)

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One has to be on Right To Education and the other one has to be on HDFC star super plan or any other good policy in Indian context for education)


Due date-28 may

Learning outcomes (should be there in the assignments otherwise negative marking will be there. Please consider these outcomes while making the assignment)

1-Develop an advanced knowledge and understanding of educational policy as a complex, contested process

2- Understand the impact of educational policy on educational leaders

3- Critically analyse an education policy of relevance to your professional setting

4- Synthesise and apply these understandings of educational leadership and policy to evaluate how leadership professional identities and practices are constructed in policy initiatives.

Task Description:

Assessment Task 2 (AT2) requires you to investigate your selected area further using an appropriate analytical framework to analyse the policy initiative. The focus of the analysis should be the impact of the policy on educational leadership. In particular, it should analyse the ways the policy position leaders, i.e., on the construction of leadership identities, and on the implications of that policy for the professional practices of educational leaders.

The assignment should include the following:

§ Identification of the policy

§ Description of the analytical framework you will use and a justification of its selection, i.e., why you have chosen to use it

§ Application of the framework to an analysis of the policy. You should include examples from the policy to illustrate your argument

§ Discussion of the leadership professional identities and practices constructed in the policy. Illustrate your argument with examples from the policy

§ Conclusion summarising your argument about the impact of the policy on the professional identities and practices of educational leaders

§ Reference list

It is important to note that the things that you look at in the policy and the way that you structure your assignment will depend on the analytical framework that you adopt. For example, if you use Bourdieu's theories you will need to talk about habitus, field, capital and strategies. If you use Bacchi's WPR approach, you should use her six questions to guide your analysis of the policy.

Criteria & Marking:

§ Policy identification – refers to a clear and careful identification and description of the policy being analysed

§ Application of the analytical framework – refers to the application of the framework to an analysis of the selected policy

§ Analytic discussion – refers to the discussion of the policy initiative in relation to the construction of the professional identities and practices of educational leaders

§ Logic of argument – refers to the presentation of a reasoned, well-paced argument

§ Presentation – refers to the competent and accurate presentation of the essay. Appropriate scholarly language, style, format and referencing should be used

Submission:Via Learning@Griffith

This assessment item:

§ is a school based activity

§ is an individual activity

§ does not include a self assessment activity

§ does not have a resubmission provision