Designing Namespace and DNS Zones , assignment help

You are the network administrator for Trey Research. Your Forest root zone is, with child domains of Engineering and Finance, and a tree domain of Users are located in several branch locations, as well as a central main office, and all need access to resources in both trees.

You need to design your namespace and DNS zones to provide fast and efficient lookups while maintaining as secure an environment as possible, especially in branch office locations. Further, you need to minimize network traffic.

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1. It has been suggested that you use secondary zones at the branch sites to provide a better resource lookup experience. The branch sites do not have domain controllers. What are the pluses and minuses of using secondary zones at the branch offices, and what other solutions might you consider?

2. There is a lot of computer name churn in the Engineering department as they continually build and rebuild clients and servers to support ever-changing project requirements. This name churn includes both static DNS names and DHCP names. What are your options to reduce the management overhead to the system administrators?

3. Consider the DNS churn and management overhead in the Engineering department DNS structure from a broader perspective. What other steps might you suggest?