Design a program to improve employees leadership skills

Once you have determined what skills are most relevant for your client, you will design and deliver a program to develop them. You may choose the best format to do this, and the format will be dependent on the needs assessment indicators of 1) training readiness, 2) time available, 3) type of skill to be developed. You will write a short paper describing decisions you made along the way, and your paper must include work samples from your program (e.g., slides from PPTs, sample exercises, reading materials, etc).

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The book will be attached soon


My plan idea for the program to write about

Training Readiness: are they ready/ motivated to do the training, they are being paid to do the training.

Skills: create a vision Statement– create job satisfaction for those who want to stay in the

  • How are we going to make the training
  1. Pre survey
  2. Talk about the importance of having a vision/ how to create a vision
  3. Create a personal vision
  4. Create a barista team vision
  5. Talk about why we chose this as our vision
  6. Hang ups vision statement in stedmans
  7. Post survey 1-2 weeks after meeting to measure if creating a vision helped job satisfaction