Descussion 3

You should provide thoughts to
your peers about their topics and ideas that may assist them in
completing their projects.

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A quality improvement initiative that I chose for my topic 3
executive summary assignment is increasing cultural competency and
decreasing unconscious bias of the patient population in health care.
Cultural competency in nursing can reduce the barriers to patient care
and create a platform for health professionals to understand the
different perceptions patients and provide culturally competent care.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of health professionals,
educators, and healthcare system to raise awareness of the various
cultures and respond to the increasing cultural diversity of the
patient populations. Nurses are responsible for a variety of matters
when it comes to patient care. This project consist of education
through workshops, speeches and class presentations. In this project,
health care providers will receive education on cultural sensitivity
with the goals of raising awareness of the various beliefs and values
of other cultures and in turn increase the quality of patient care.
Also, knowledge of cultural diversity, beliefs, and values of
others should be the primary focus of the project. Most importantly,
nurses must receive education on how to advocate for their patients
and fight to change the harmful and prejudicial behaviors that will
hinder quality patient care. The cost of the project would not be high
as leaders and managers will be required to participate in the project
and presentations.