Describe your current or past organization’s organizational structure, assignment help

Question 1:

Post an original thread in this forum answering the questions below – Put your name in the subject line (e.g. “Bill Smith”) – 400 – 500 words or less.

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Describe your current or past organization’s organizational structure.  Frame your response in a holistic way where you not only discuss the structure, but also address how this structure impacts projects and project managers (i.e. what authority does a pm have? How does the pm obtain resources?).  Address whether you think this structure is beneficial or whether another type would be better. The PMBOK® Guide discusses organizational structures. 

Let’s bring strategic planning into the realm of projects and project management.  Discuss how strategic planning and the business case have relevance to projects or do they?  Consider this topic through the lens of a project manager and also consider how organizational strategies and business objective influence how projects are selected and managed.  Also look at how the level of support from upper management can impact a project, the project team, and resources.  Frame your response in a holistic way where you address all of these topics and questions collectively and cite at least one non-PMBOK Guide resource to support your position.

Note : Need in original content , with references apa format and no plagarism , need separate document for each question.

Question 2:

In a 2 page paper – succinctly written, APA formatting and references required.  Remember to use in-text citations and cite at least two references.

There are software development cycles, project life cycles, and product life cycles. Research and read about each through the course materials and internet. Describe how the three fit together.

Remember that if you use any reference as a source for your posts, you must use the APA in-text citation format to credit the author. Remember, you will be graded according to the discussion rubric for this assignment.

Note : Need in original content , with references apa format and no plagarism , need separate document for each question.