Dell HP Apple Short Discussion, business and finance homework help


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These are two short discussion topics. After the discussions are finished, I will send you two people to respond to for each discussion. I will then release the downpayment and leave a great review. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a message.

First discussion: 

Describe what your ideal computer should be able to do and the ideal configuration. Are you interested in portability uses, entertainment uses, educational uses, or business uses (e.g. portability, gaming, word processing tasks, mobile synchronization)? Go to one of the sites listed below and locate the areas of their site designed for those pursuing higher education.

Find an item for sale that will fit your needs. What are the high priorities of the item? How does this item fit your ideal system configuration?

Second discussion:

What is the cash basis of accounting? What is the accrual basis of accounting? How will the accounting for your specific business be different if you use the accrual basis (please use specific examples) instead of the cash basis? What will accrual basis statements tell you specifically that cash basis statements will not tell you?