Deliver the Value: IKEA Case Study

Please check out the link below for detailed requirement.

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Review the IKEA Case Study and use the case study guidelines below
to perform a brief analysis, identify the problem, suggest alternative
solutions, and make recommendations for the implementation of the solution that
you believe is the best fit.

do you think? What would you do? What problems do you foresee and how will this
impact IKEA’s Swedish concept? Please recommend a marketing solution that will
help IKEA achieve growth in either India or China based on your understanding
of the place P and how delivering the value is evolving.

Study Guidelines

Analysis of the
Current Situation—
The proper
context must be established for the case analysis. Please provide a SWOT analysis
in a SWOT box.

·  Research: Identify the key environmental
factors such as industry trends, level of competitiveness, customer
perceptions, legal considerations, and evolving technology at the outset of the

·  Summarize the key aspects of the internal
environment of the firm in terms of strengths and weaknesses and the external
environment in terms of opportunities and threats to the firm in your SWOT box.

The Target Market—Identify your target market: Who is your target customer? In terms
of demographics and lifestyle, what aspects of consumer behavior provide
insights into this group of customers?

The Problem—Identification of key
problem(s). It is easy to identify symptoms of
problems while failing to identify the real problems. For example, declining
sales may be identified as a problem, when the decline is only symptomatic of
more complex problems that are harder to observe. Make a clear distinction
between what is identified as the problem and the symptoms of the problems.

Identify and
evaluate alternatives. Develop
reasonable alternatives and evaluate them in terms of feasibility, projected
costs advantages, disadvantages, and potential short-term and long-term

Course of Action—
Select a course of action and provide the
appropriate strategies and tactics to accomplish the chosen course. Justify
your choice in terms of your analysis. As most practitioners know, charting a
course of action can be a difficult job, but implementation is the true
challenge. Produce a workable action plan that would have a reasonable
probability of success in the implementation phase.

This assignment will be a presentation using PowerPoint.
Develop a set of at least five (5) PowerPoint slides to present the findings of your
analysis. Some additional research is expected. The IKEA website is highly
informative. Use APA format and include an additional slide with your sources.
Assume that your analysis will be presented to the IKEA senior management team and
that your job depends on it!