Define the Problem

This week’s assignment is to identify the focus of your project and anticipate the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns that can or will arise.

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Define the problem

  • Identify the patient-centered problem/issue/topic and the setting it will impact.

Broadly outline your proposal to address the problem/issue/topic.

Summarize ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns.

Explain why you chose the topic.

Format your assignment as a 900 word document.

All references/citations used must be within the last 3 years and posted in APA format.

** My example I had chosen was in the ICU that I work in we do self scheduling. After each nurse fills in the days they want to work the schedule is then given to the nurse manager where they adjust the schedule as they sit fit. There are times that the nurses will work a couple of day shifts, go home but have work the next night which only allows them to be off for 24 hours. The same thing may happen when you work night shifts and have to flip over to day shift within the next 24 hours** Let me know if this example works for you.