Data Mining Case Study – One page summary

The best way to look for customers is to search for people who resemble them. The case study on pages 40–45 of your book is about creating a profile for your potential customers. Your job for this assignment is to complete the following.

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  • Read the case on pages 40-45 in the Supplemental Textbook. (attached)
  • Prepare a one-page summary of its methodology.
  • Identify three census tracts or zip codes near you that you are familiar with.

    • Find their respective scores for each of the index dimensions used in the case.
    • Calculate their scores.
    • Write a one-page summary of the results, and answer the following questions.
      • What are your recommendations for the publication, given the results?
      • Are the results what you would expect, given your knowledge of the characteristics of the selected census tracts or zip codes?
  • The paper must be completed with Times New Roman font in 12-point. More information is attached including an example.