Curriculum Process

Assume you are planning the first meeting of the curriculum development team that will be assisting you as you develop your course project. Your first step in the development of a program is to describe the curriculum development process to your committee. The process has different steps depending on who you ask, but the basics are the same:

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  1. Find an image that you feel represents the process of curriculum development.
  2. Save the image to your computer or computer clipboard (this is typically done with your cursor over the image and then right mouse click to save the image).
  3. Go to the Discussion board and create a new thread. Control/V to paste your image into the Discussion area.
  4. Write a narrative that describes the image and the steps of the curriculum development process as represented in the image. You should have a substantial paragraph for each step. Remember to cite the image and all resources/references used in your narrative. (You can also paste or insert your image into Word, and then copy and paste your work into the Discussion after you have finished everything.)