Cultural paper

2-3 pages

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Written in ENGLISH

This paper is worth 5% of your grade.

A submission box will be posted

For your cultural paper, you will visit a place in the surrounding area that either:

  1. Serves the Latino/Spanish-speaking community
  2. Serves the general public to educate them on the Latino/Spanish speaking community and/or heritage.

Examples of places to visit:

  1. A museum or cultural center
  2. A community center for specific Spanish-speaking communities
  3. A center that helps recently arrived immigrants or refugees from Latin American countries
  4. A festival or fair

Specific ideas:

  1. Museo del Barrio
  2. The Cervantes Institute
  3. Las Casas de las Americas
  4. Baile Flamenco Show
  5. The Latin American Youth Center
  6. El Taller Latino Americano

What you should explore in your paper:

  1. Why did you choose this location/place?
  2. What community does it serve or educate?
  3. How does it serve or educate the community?
  4. What can you recommend about this place?
  5. What is one specific new fact that you learned?