Cubism, Futurism, and Related 20th Century Styles

The purpose of this discussion is for you to investigate modern art and its influences. Once again, you will be selecting a subject and telling us about what you discovered. You will need to go beyond the text for the information because it only covers some specific artists and styles.

  • Explain what the art was about and what the artists were trying to do. This should be done in a well-supported paragraph.
  • In addition, provide examples of appropriate works, including titles, links, and a description of how the works are examples of the art style. A few additional sentences should cover it.

Topic Selections

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Georges Braque and Juan Gris

Picasso was not the only artist to develop Cubism: explore the work of these two artists. Describe how Braque worked with Picasso on developing Analytical Cubism. Then describe Synthetic Cubism and how Braque and Gris used the style. Show three examples of artwork from each of them. Provide titles and links.


The text covers very few Italian Futurists. Find three others. Provide examples of their work and describe how they illustrate Futurism. Titles and links, please.

Suprematism and Constructivism

The textbook covers Malevich’s development of Suprematism, but Constructivism was developing alongside it in Russia. Define Constructivism and explain how it is similar to Suprematism. How were both of these styles used in Russia? Provide three examples of both styles. Provide artist names, title of works, and links.

The 1913 Armory Show

Explain why this exhibit was important to American art and artists. The textbook only covers two artists whose work was shown there. Research the 1913 show and provide information on three other artists and their artwork. If you are unable to find the exact work that was shown, give an example of what their artwork was like. Include titles and links.

The Bauhaus

The textbook covers the Bauhaus as part of the Architecture information. Explain what else they were doing there: what was it, what was their approach to art (it was also their purpose), and what kind of art was produced there. Give at least three examples with titles, artists’ names, and links.