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At p. 297 – 300, (attached below) the textbook provides a template for analyzing ethical dilemmas using “virtue.” A hypothetical case is provided, the template outlined (Virtue Ethics Evaluation of Ethical Dilemmas), and then the application of that template to the case is demonstrated (Applying Virtue Ethics). A summary follows at the end of that illustrative analysis. Study this sample case and application of the template (and summary commentary) carefully.

At the bottom of p. 300, you are presented with a new case for study and discussion.

take the “virtue” template in (Applying Virtue Ethics) and apply it to the new case starting on p. 300.

Please NOTE that you are assessing the ethics of the options faced by the prosecutor. You are NOT evaluating whether the defendants acted ethically.

Lastly, address the question appearing at the end of the discussion case on p. 301: “After applying the criteria for a virtue approach, should Marks accept the plea bargain offered?