criminal justice assignment *Read description*

work must be typed in 12 POINT FONT, LEFT JUSTIFIED AND DOUBLE SPACED WITH 1” MARGINS. Must be completed in APA style (do not include a title page or abstract—-just cite any references per APA style and include a “Reference” page per APA style). I have found and to be helpful websites. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference. Points will be deducted with a withdrawal.

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One defense is diminished capacity, available as a defense only in limited jurisdictions. At one time, California permitted diminished capacity as a defense, but it was abolished.

Research diminished capacity in California. What is diminished capacity? Explain why and how it was abolished [MUST include the CORRECT infamous 1979 case (hint—it happened in San Francisco and a movie was made about it) that was the foundation for abolishing diminished capacity-INCLUDE, BUT NOT LIMITED TO the name, the specific facts of the case, how diminished capacity was used in the case, the verdict, the prosecution and defense arguments (about why it was/wasn’t diminished capacity), why the case resulted in diminished capacity being abolished and how (legally) and when it was abolished in California].

Do you agree with diminished capacity being abolished in California? Why or why not? Can diminished capacity be used at all in criminal proceedings and if so, how?

This must be in a properly formatted document (per the instructions in the syllabus) and in essay format. Do not copy/paste from anywhere. You will need to use references, therefore you must use APA style and include a Reference page only (DO NOT include a Title page, Abstract or Running Head). Don’t forget to cite within your narrative (like using footnotes, but in APA style)—that way you are not plagiarizing. Do not retype the question. Failure to follow the directions will result in a withdrawal.