Create a Designer Work Based On the Requirements

First,make sure you are good at Art Designing and Drama or Theatre area before you bid this work! Here are the original requirements about this work.

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OK, it’s time to try on a new “mask” – the designer. You can test your skills at the design process – bringing something you envision onto the stage as a costume or scenic designer. (Well, we won’t make it all the way to the stage, but we’ll go as far as we can within the confines of this class.) Here’s what you do:

EVERYONE: Read either Dramatic Interlude 2 – “Arms and the Man” (p.132-135) or Dramatic interlude 5 The Three Sisters (p 363) in our book. Try to imagine the physical world of the play – the light, sound, environment, clothing, etc. – that the characters are living in. Picture it in your mind. Then, proceed, choosing one of the following options. If you change the time period state why the story would still work in that time- example 1950’s because women were still expected to stay home and keep the children.

For COSTUME DESIGNERS – Either sketch a rendering (in color)or cut and collage an image of the costumes for three of the characters in the interlude. Some people collage historical images off the internet. How does their clothing tell the audience who they are and what situation they’re in? How do things like fit, color, texture, and culture work into your design? Your job is to make these characters’ costumes add to the story of the play. NOTE: It might help you to look at the section on Costume Design (p. 158) in our book – there are lots of guiding questions to give you some ideas. Write a short description or paragraph about why you made these choices and include it with your submission.

For SCENIC DESIGNERS – Either sketch a rendering (in color)or cut and collage of the on-stage set/scenery for this interlude. What is the environment and “vibe” of the place? What shapes, colors, structures, etc. can be used to show the audience where and when the play takes place? There might be various locations mentioned in this interlude, so your job will be to make various locations work on one stage and still keep the overall theme of the play intact. NOTE: You might read the section on Scene Design (p. 149) for some ideas, and there are even a couple of sample renderings on p. 156. Write a short statement about your design idea and include it with your submission.

EVERYONE: Once you’ve completed your design rendering, scan it or take a digital photo of it. Make it into a PDF or a Powerpoint so Canvas will open it. Do not just submit JPEG images as Canvas will not open them. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Remember, your imagination is limitless – don’t settle for “plain old” ideas. Go with your impulses and create!

If you are stuck look under module for partial student work to see some ways others approached the mask. Note: It might be from other readings etc and most of it is just partial so make sure you actually read this and don’t just copy the work. NOTE: Look back at technical words in your book and incorporate those.

Here are all the requirements about this work. The pages mentioned above are from the Book ‘Theatre in Your Life 3rd Edition – Robert Barton’, and I have already uploaded the book file below. And I also uploaded the students example which mentioned above for you.

This work must be an original work! This work is very important to me, so high quality must be ensured. Looking forward to your excellent work! Thank you!