Cover letter improvement

The following paragraphs need improvement for a cover letter. Go over them and improve them by sporting the paragraphs with the skills earned:

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  • I used to be terrible at Public Speaking. I decided to get involved with the debating team and over the years went on to host an MUN conference where I guided students from high schools, most of whom were new to debating.`
  • Due to my love for public speaking and the impact of Ted Talks, I got me involved with TedX at Ohio State. I am currently organizing the event that is going to be held in 2020. Being the Director of Operations of TedX has helped my leadership skills as I manage a team of over a few dozen people. It has also as helped my organizational skills by always being on schedule.
  • While at my time at Ohio State I realized that several students had issues which needed to be addressed so I decided to take the position as the Director of Academic affairs at the Student Government. I later decided to take the role of Marketing and Advertising at the Student Government, a role that didn’t exist before as I though there were issues that students had which needed to be addressed but many students weren’t aware of the resources available to them. Being the Marketing and Advertising Director by having skills such as