Course Project – Milestone Three – Preparing a Business Case for Purchasing an HRIS

This week you will begin to develop your final project. For Milestone Three, you will explain the benefits of adopting a HRIS to manage employee information, Payroll, and Benefits/Compensation for ABC Corporation. You will research at least TWO HRIS Vendors and explain the benefits and opportunities of each as they relate to the needs of ABC Corporation. Please do not copy/paste of information from the vendor websites. This is a HRIS recommendation and vendor analysis that will be shared with ABC Corporation. As the HR Director, you will be using this information to complete your final HRIS proposal.

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*****Write a 3-4-page paper that includes the following paper headings, which are denoted in all caps. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE, DO NOT FORGET ABSTRACT PAGE, included citations and references, follow instructions by the teacher, he is very stricter in class. Attached the rubric and Milestone Two for references to write in this one and match the information. Be professional please!!!****

  1. INTRODUCTION: Provide sufficient background on the topic and previews major points. Why is a HRIS needed? You may wish to research using resources from library databases (e.g., Business Source Complete via EBSCO, Business via ProQuest, ASP: Human Resource Management Online, and eBooks via EBSCO).
  2. HRIS TYPE: Now that you’ve conducted some research in Milestone Two assignment, you should have a good foundation to take the next step in preparing your business plan. You should have a good review of the scenario and have conducted some research on HRIS systems, and now your next step is to explain why ABC Corporation needs an employee information, Payroll, and Benefits/Compensation system. What are the benefits of implementing this type of HRIS?
  3. HRIS VENDOR CHOICE: Now you need to conduct research to find an HRIS vendor. Compare and contrast at least two HRIS vendors. After presenting and comparing both vendors, choose one vendor to use. Explain why you chose this vendor over another/others. Include the Web address and proper citations for the vendors compared. You must provide evidence and explanation to support your decision.
  4. CONCLUSION: The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.