Counterculture and Cinema

The challenging values of the 1960s – Are they still present today?

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For this assignment/discussion we will consider how the values of the 1950s were challenged during the 1960s and analyze our current opinions and behavior. Many things changed in the ’60s: behavioral rules, transformation of the American Dream, role of music, fear of communism, civil rights, segregation, etc. Watch one or all the documentaries below, then… (scroll down)

…then post an answer to ALL following questions:

1.- Describe ONE (only 1 per student, please) specific value/ideal/rule from the 1950s that was challenged by the youth of the 1960s, explaining what aspect of the counterculture got triggered. You must talk about one specific aspect only and not repeat anyone else selection, topic or ideas. Then tell us why you selected this value/ideal/rule. What made you choose it?

2.- Compare and contrast that specific aspect of the 60s counterculture (the one triggered that you were describing in question 1) with our society of 2016. Have we changed our behavior/reaction/ response from that of the 60s? In what way AND why?

3.- Post the URL link (www. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. …) to a movie -only ONE please- that reflects/supports your reasoning. You can use movies mentioned in the book, the screenings or otherwise widely available. Then explain in detail how the movie supports your reasoning.