Constructing Leadership Metaphors in Written Form

The use of metaphors as a learning strategy, and especially as applied to leadership, is extremely helpful.This assignment’s requirements provide an opportunity to expand knowledge, apply concepts, and construct metaphors in the pursuit of better understanding leadership and ourselves as leaders.

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  • Identify three scholarly articles related to leadership metaphors and learning.
  • Gather three (3) videos that further explain the purpose and use of leadership metaphors.
  • Critique the videos using a critical framework and scholarly sources for support.


Include an introduction with purpose statement, body, and conclusion including:

  • A two-page critique of videos related to leadership metaphors
  • A one-page overview of the process to construct a leadership metaphor
  • An original personal leadership metaphor in written form—referenced and attached or submitted separately, Consider poetry, story, lyrics, fable, comic strip, creative writing, diary excerpt, for example.I have attached reference sites that use water as a metaphor for leadership.

Include both title and references pages.

Format your entire paper according to APA

Leadership metaphor videos:

Leadership is like water reference websites: