Congressional panel Directions related to Avoiding Obesity related to Chemical BPA

I attach an example she gave of the committees , remember is related to my role as medical research.You have to find 5 related to the topic and developed and the answer all that question in a parragaph

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Congressional Panel Directions

-Find a list of the congressional committees

  • Google committees in congress.

-Find 5 Committees that in theory would contain members with the appropriated awareness about “To Investigate the Correlation between BPA Chemicals and Obesity among Humans

– Write a short description on the committee’s responsibilities and how it’s related to the correlation Between BPA and obesity.

-Choose 1 congressmen or women that sits each of your committee that have specialized knowledge relevant to the proposed bill ( I will send to you the Bill proposed)

-Make a list of your elected panel that include this to each one of them :

  • State they represent
  • House (district they represent or senate)
  • Party they belong to
  • The committee they chair or they position within
  • Education and a little background
  • Answer this: Do you think this representative is qualified?

-Write a paragraph that will answer the following questions:

  • Why is it important for policy makers to be knowledgeable about topics that relate to the committee they belong to?
  • Do you think these people always have the best qualifications for the committee they are appointed?
  • Do you think politicians can have limited background on a topic yet make relatively informed decisions? How do you think they do that?
  • Do you think there are an adequate number of representatives with backgrounds in health care in federal office?
  • Do you believe politicians have the best interest of the people they represent at heart?
  • What would be the advantage to having more professionally diverse representation?

— How do you think that influences policy and the American people?