Concept Integration Assignment, management homework help

For this assignment, please go to and generate a job analysis report for a job you are interested in. This job does not necessarily have to be for your own career but one that you think is interesting in general. The choice is yours. Then, consider a selection situation where an applicant is interested in a job with your organization. Keep in mind that job applicants could be those who do not currently work for the organization, or they could be a current employee seeking an internal job opportunity.

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Based on the job analysis information you obtain, please complete the following.

Applicant Selection Plan

1. Consider what employment test(s) you feel are necessary for effectively determining if an applicant has the minimum knowledge, skill, and ability necessary for successful job performance. Specifically, describe in detail:

a. what specific employment tests would be used and what essential functions of the job would they represent?

b. what type of validity would each test demonstrate?

c. how you will ensure that each test will have sufficient reliability in terms of administration and scoring?

d. what steps will be taken in the testing process itself to minimize the potential for discrimination?

2. In relation to job design and motivation, consider the context and the manner in which this job is typically performed. Then, please answer the following:

a. Based on the information provided in the job analysis report, please identify at least 3 ways you feel that this job could change over the next 5-10 years. For example, do you think this job can or will become more integrated with technology, and if so how will the essential functions of the job change?

b. Considering the potential job changes you identified, please describe which approach to job design you feel would be most effective in ensuring optimal job performance and ensuring job motivation. Explain why your choice is a better option than the others.

Ps: I prefer to Human Resources Manager position. For this assignment, please answer questions one by one. Copy the question in a new document, and then answer the question. At least 1000 words for this assignment. Thanks!