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As we continue to gather sources for our white paper report, and begin to draft sections of the report, chapter 4 offers some strategies on revising paragraphs, sentences, and word choices for your readers.

Chapter 5 discusses how to incorporate page elements in your report to ensure the reader sees the appropriate section for their needs — because most people do not read a report from start to finish — they read the parts that are important to them.

Locate two more sources for your report — this means that you will now have at least five of the required seven sources for your white paper report.

Reading assignment:

Read The Elements of Technical Writing, Chapter 5.
Review The Elements of Technical Writing, Chapter 4, the assigned reading for last week.

Discussion assignment:

In your discussion thread, post a draft of recommendations for your white paper report, and include the links to the two additional sources that you have located.

Remember, your draft can be rewritten later — at this point simply think about some of the issues that have been discussed in your research thus far. As you complete your research and incorporate your additional material, you will probably revise the recommendations.

The recommendations should be based upon the information presented in the discussion section — which comprises the majority of your research.

Recommendations are not your personal opinion, but are based upon facts gathered from your research.

In essence, you are encouraging your supervisor to take the action you recommend, as well as trying to influence the decisions of anyone else who may read the report. Providing accurate and non-opinionated information allows your supervisor to make a sound business decision for the well-being of the company.

Your draft recommendation should be about 100 words.



Peer/group assignment:


Written assignment:


Notes on the letter assignment from week 5

The purpose of reading chapter 10 is to know and understand the components of a professional business letter. General comments follow:

  • Recheck the assignment instructions for the correct file name for submitting the written assignment.
  • Missing recipient address – this is the individual who will receive the letter.
  • The CEO of a corporation would not receive your letter – locate an appropriate manager, unless it is a small company.
  • Incorrect formatting of the inside and/or recipient address – recheck the state abbreviations; zip code missing.
  • Missing or incorrect salutation – the greeting should specify an individual (usually identified in the recipient address), and a colon is the correct punctuation.
  • When indenting paragraphs, skip a line between paragraphs.
  • Recheck continuation page information format.
  • Don’t put the closing on a separate page (by itself) – change margins or font size to shift a paragraph to the second page.
  • Spelling and punctuation should be reviewed.