complete a discharge summary for your client using the “Discharge Summary” template

Part 1: Using the revised treatment plan
completed in Topic 7, complete a discharge summary for your client
using the “Discharge Summary” template. This discharge
summary should address the following:

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  1. What behaviors would indicate that the client is sustaining at
    a healthy baseline?
  2. How would you determine if Eliza met
    her treatment goals?
  3. What factors would determine if the
    treatment needed to be reevaluated, extended, or possibly referred
    to another clinician or setting?
  4. Based on your assessment
    of current symptomology, does your client, Eliza, need wraparound
    services, outpatient references, and/or step-down services?
    (Recommendations should be based on the information gathered for
    second mandatory evaluation).
  5. How would you encourage
    involvement in community-based resources?

Part 2: Write a 700-1,050-word summary statement
about your client, Eliza.

Include or address the following in your summary statement:

  1. Demonstrate whether or not the client met the goals of the
    treatment plan.
  2. What specifically contributed to the
    success of the treatment plan or lack thereof?
  3. What
    language would you use to communicate the outcome to the
  4. How would you document the final session?
  5. Include at least three scholarly references in your paper.